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While browsing through the blogs on the left (Blogs I Read), I found a recent JAIR paper by Peter Turney on Vector Space Models (VSM). Peter Turney is a well-known expert in the field of information retrieval (IR), so I had high hopes for this paper. Indeed, it is a great paper! I read through it pretty quickly (so I can get some sleep tonight), and it seems to be jam packed with insights, history, mathematical and technical details, pointers to tools, and lots and lots of very good references. This one is a keeper for weeks so I can get a thorough reading of it and many of the papers in the references section.

P. D. Turney and P. Pantel (2010) “From Frequency to Meaning: Vector Space Models of Semantics”, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Volume 37, pages 141-188


As bloggers, we are aware that there must be good blogs out there that we don’t know about. Putting aside the question of, do you really want to read another blog?, here is an academic paper on recommending blogs based on some query words. This problem is different from the traditional query-search on the Web because, well, blogs are different from webpages. Read the paper to find out more:

J. Arguello, J. L. Elsas, J. Callan, and J. G. Carbonell. (2008.) “Document representation and query expansion models for blog recommendation.” In Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media.

Peering into the micro world – The Big Picture –

A team of University of Michigan researchers has recently created a set of electron microscope images of carbon nanotube structures depicting images of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama.


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Slightly off topic, but fascinating stuff!!!!

There is an article in the New York Times that newspapers were selling like a hot commodity post-election. I wasn’t in New York to pick up the Times, but here is a Chinese newspaper I got at the Four Points @ Sheraton in Beijing.


I found some papers that look interesting. They are about the Web written by physicists. I will update this page with comments about the papers after I actually read them.

Z. Dezsö, E. Almaas, A. Lukács, B. Rácz, I. Szakadát & A.-L. Barabási
Dynamics of information access on the web Physical Review E 73 (6): Art. No. 066132 Part 2, (2006). [ PDF ]

R. Albert, H. Jeong, and A.-L. Barabasi, “The diameter of the World Wide Web”, Nature 401 130-131(1999). [cond-mat/9907038][PDF]

Y.-Y. Ahn, S. Han, H, Kwak, S. Moon and H. Jeong, “Analysis of Topological Characteristics of Huge Online” 16th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2007) Banff, Canada p. 385 (2007) [PDF] ** This one is co-authored by our own CS people **

Here is someone who’s been inspiring me quite a bit lately. In fact, I would like to be influenced by his book and lecture much much more, carrying out more of his advice in my every day life. The video (below) of his “Last Lecture” is great, but I highly recommend the book, The Last Lecture.