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I will be at CHI 2010: 28th ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Atlanta, GA from April 10 – 16.

On Sunday, my student Dongwoo Kim will present our paper at the Microblogging workshop. Another student, Sunjun Kim, has a work-in-progress poster. And I am a co-author of a paper for the “Know Thyself” Personal Informatics workshop. Finally, I will be chairing a session “Cooking, Classrooms, and Craft” on Thursday morning.

Of course, I am looking forward to attending sessions, meeting friends, and generally having fun. πŸ™‚

Here are our papers:

Dongwoo Kim, Yohan Jo, Il-Chul Moon, and Alice Oh. Analysis of Twitter Lists as a Potential Source for Discovering Latent Characteristics of Users. Workshop on Microblogging at the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computer Systems (CHI 2010).

Younkyung Lim, Alice Oh, Tekjin Nam, and Kee-Eung Kim. Personal Informatics for Discovering Human-Centered Lifecare System Opportunities. Workshop on Know Thyself at the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computer Systems (CHI 2010).


I am co-organizing a workshop located at the IEEE International Conference on Social Computing (SocialCom-2010). Here I pasted the top portion of the workshop description.

Call For Papers

We solicit research papers, works-in-progress, and position papers. Click here for the CFP in PDF.

Important Dates (US EDT)

Submission Deadline: May 1, 2010
Notification of Acceptance: June 8, 2010
Final Paper Due: June 15, 2010

1. Workshop Overview

This is a workshop at IEEE International Conference on Social Computing (SocialCom-2010), and the goal of the workshop is bring together researchers from various disciplines to discuss ways to find synergies between text analysis and network analysis. The workshop will contribute to Social Computing by

  1. initiating a dialogue about and an in-depth look at the methodologies used in social network analysis and text analysis
  2. discussing holistic approaches for combining network and text analysis
  3. sharing and defining needs for data sets that include content and metadata
  4. illustrating informative data analysis results from the combination of text and network analysis
  5. presenting novel applications combining text and network analysis including their validations

Click here for more information.

This is much closer to my research than most other posts in the blog… From Daniel Tunkelang (of Endeca) ‘s blog.

Symposium on Semantic Knowledge Discovery, Organization and Use, Day 1

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EMNLP, one of the leading conferences on empirical NLP, is going on right now, in Hawaii, where the weather is perfect for a dip in the sea, sunny and in the 80s. I thought about going, but I have a trip next week, so I passed on this one. Oh well… 😦

The proceedings are out, EMNLP 2008 Proceedings, and as usual, there are several papers that look interesting. Here are two that I will be reading this weekend:

D08-1015 [bib]: Kevin Hsin-Yih Lin; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Ranking Reader Emotions Using Pairwise Loss Minimization and Emotional Distribution Regression

D08-1038 [bib]: David Hall; Daniel Jurafsky; Christopher D. Manning
Studying the History of Ideas Using Topic Models

It’s only been about 2.5 months since I left Boston, but I really miss it!

Boston is a city I’ve lived the longest– total of 12.5 years. The next longest-lived city is Seoul, where I grew up, for about 11 years. But the years I spent in Boston are much more meaningful than those numbers show because they include the college years and the honeymoon years. More importantly, it is where we had our first (and only, so far) child, and also where we made many great friendships.

Now, to tie this into research: 2009 will be a great year because there are two excellent conferences: SIGCHI and SIGIR. They are excellent both in quality and location because… they are both in Boston!!!

I am planning to submit a short paper to CHI and a full paper to SIGIR, but even if they are not accepted, I will be at CHI 2009 and SIGIR 2009! It’s too bad that they are not in autumn, like right now, since this is the best time to visit New England. But I don’t mind April and July, and I even would not mind visiting in January or February, to enjoy (!!!) the snow-covered Charles River. Remember Love Story?