I got back from CHI 2010. It was a great conference! I will write another post about the interesting research I saw there, but first, here’s a post about people I met, which is probably the best part about attending a conference.

(I am sure I left out more than a few here. Please remind me!)

Old Friends

Krzysztof Gajos (Harvard)
Christine Alvarado (Harvey Mudd)

Jaime Teevan (Microsoft Research)
Rob Miller (MIT CSAIL)

Max Van Kleek (MIT CSAIL)

Aaron Adler (MIT CSAIL)

Maurice Chu (PARC)

Frank Bentley (Motorola)

Tracy Hammond (Texas A&M)

Stuart Schechter (Microsoft Research)
Jaeyeon Jung (Intel Research)
Taemie Kim (MIT Media Lab)
Erik Stolterman (Indiana University)

New Faces

Jimmy Lin (Google)
Greg Little (MIT CSAIL)
Elena Agapie (Harvard)

Hiroshi Ishii (MIT Media Lab)
Ed Chi (PARC)
Gene Golovchinsky (FX Pal)
Miles Efron (UIUC)
Julia Grace (IBM Almaden)
danah boyd (MSR New England)
Shamsi Iqbal (Microsoft Research)
Joan DiMicco (IBM Cambridge)
Michael Bernstein (MIT CSAIL)

It was great meeting you all, and I look forward to seeing you at CHI 2011 (or sooner).