I found some papers that look interesting. They are about the Web written by physicists. I will update this page with comments about the papers after I actually read them.

Z. Dezsö, E. Almaas, A. Lukács, B. Rácz, I. Szakadát & A.-L. Barabási
Dynamics of information access on the web Physical Review E 73 (6): Art. No. 066132 Part 2, (2006). [ PDF ]

R. Albert, H. Jeong, and A.-L. Barabasi, “The diameter of the World Wide Web”, Nature 401 130-131(1999). [cond-mat/9907038][PDF]

Y.-Y. Ahn, S. Han, H, Kwak, S. Moon and H. Jeong, “Analysis of Topological Characteristics of Huge Online” 16th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2007) Banff, Canada p. 385 (2007) [PDF] ** This one is co-authored by our own CS people **