It’s only been about 2.5 months since I left Boston, but I really miss it!

Boston is a city I’ve lived the longest– total of 12.5 years. The next longest-lived city is Seoul, where I grew up, for about 11 years. But the years I spent in Boston are much more meaningful than those numbers show because they include the college years and the honeymoon years. More importantly, it is where we had our first (and only, so far) child, and also where we made many great friendships.

Now, to tie this into research: 2009 will be a great year because there are two excellent conferences: SIGCHI and SIGIR. They are excellent both in quality and location because… they are both in Boston!!!

I am planning to submit a short paper to CHI and a full paper to SIGIR, but even if they are not accepted, I will be at CHI 2009 and SIGIR 2009! It’s too bad that they are not in autumn, like right now, since this is the best time to visit New England. But I don’t mind April and July, and I even would not mind visiting in January or February, to enjoy (!!!) the snow-covered Charles River. Remember Love Story?